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Machinery & Capabilities

Process Minimum Maximum
Float Cutting 30 x 30mm 3210 x 5000mm – 4-19mm
Laminate Cutting 160 x 160mm 3210 x 4500mm – 6.38-16.38mm
Edgework – Polishing 60 x 60mm 3210 x 5000mm – 4-19mm
Anything > 3850mm – 2 Longs only**Subject to Weight**
Edgework – Mitres 100 x 100mm
22.5deg – 45deg
2500 x 2500mm – 4-19mm
Edgework – Bevel 50 x 50mm 2500 x 2500mm – 4-19mm
Up to 25mm for 6mm
Up to 15mm for 4mm
Finger Grip 300 x 150mm 1500 x 1500mm – 4-19mm
CNC Machines 150 x 150mm 3850 x 2230mm – 4-19mm
Water Jet 50 x 50mm 4950 x 1800mm – 4-19mm
Toughening Furnace 300 x 35mm 5000 x 2400mm – 5-19mm
2400 x 1200 – 4mm
Heat Soak Furnace 100 x 450mm 5000 x 2500mm – 4-19mm
Custom Lamination 400 x 200mm 5000 x 2400
What people are saying!
  • Thank you to you and your team for supplying the urgent mirror to us yesterday. Your service and quality is greatly appreciated.

    By providing this mirror, defect free and in such a short space of time, you have helped ensure another client gets their keys on time.

    Please pass my thanks and appreciation on to your team!

    J.Wakeling from GlassCo Metro
  • Great guys. Best service in WA. Put the so called competition to shame
    R.Walker from Diamond Glass
  • Great Service. Have not seen better service in the glass industry. Great business ethics as well. Whoever you are using as your glass supplier give these guys a shot.
    V.Shah from Granart Splashbacks
  • Always a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable staff that work with you to meet deadlines and requirements. Pricing competitive with other major suppliers.
    E.Taylor from Refined Exteriors
  • May I just say that your staff at Tough Glass are providing us with excellent service. We have never in all the years experienced such a service. I rang on Wednesday to request a couple of urgent panels for which we collected this morning. That truly is amazing!!

    Everybody should use Tough Glass and I would never use anyone else regardless of pricing like some do. I don’t think we have ever received a bad piece of glass from Tough Glass either. It’s a credit to you and your staff.

    J.Flanagan from WA Pool Fencing