PVB, SGP, EVA Interlayers. What is the difference?

PVB, SGP, EVA Interlayers. What is the difference?

14th August 2019

As the demand for laminated glass products rises, there are still many questions surrounding the variety of interlayers such as; What is available? What distinguishes the interlayers? What interlayers are appropriate for certain applications?

There are various interlayers used worldwide, suitable for the building & construction and automotive industries. We have gathered key information on the most common used laminates in the Australian market for building applications including PVB, SGP, and EVA.

Each of the mentioned interlayers have specific benefits. Considerations must be made to guarantee the interlayer selection is appropriate for the application.

Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB)

PVB is the most common interlayer used around the world in laminated glass make ups. Its optical clarity, flexibility and ability to adhere to many surfaces make it a primary interlayer for glass manufacturers.

Stock standard PVB laminated glass make ups combined with annealed glass such as; 6.38/8.38/10.38/12.38 allow glass processors and glaziers to cut the glass after lamination. This range is extremely popular for urgent glass repairs that require A Grade safety glass replacement due to less processing requirements when compared to a toughened glass solution.

More complex selections combining toughened, heat strengthened glass or specific PVB interlayers in the laminated make up will generally have a longer lead time as it is custom made to specification and size. These options will often restrict the ability of cutting the glass after it has been manufactured. See more information on our ToughGuard™ range.

Laminated glass for urgent repairs

Stock standard PVB laminated glass can be cut after lamination

Common Applications:

PVB Interlayers:

  • Acoustic PVB
  • Tinted PVB
  • Solar performance PVB
  • Coloured PVB
  • Structural PVB

    Laminated safety glass used as an office partition

    Internal glass partitions using PVB laminate


  • 99% filtering of harmful UV rays
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Acoustic performance
  • Customisable- mix and match PVB interlayers
  • Cost-effective laminate


  • It is not advisable to use common PVB interlayers where the laminate will have prolonged exposure to moisture or water as it can cause de-lamination over time. PVB interlayers used in internal balustrades are not considered structural, and therefore generally require handrails.

SentryGlas Plus (SGP)

SGP is 100 times more rigid and 5 times more resistant to tearing when comparing to PVB.

When frameless, laminated glass applications are required externally such as; balustrades & canopies, the SGP interlayer is a superior selection due to its ability to withstand weather conditions and resist moisture where other laminates cannot.

SGP is an ionoplast interlayer which means it is not compatible with other interlayers, you cannot combine SGP with PVB/EVA based interlayers when manufacturing custom laminated glass. See more information on our ToughView™ range.

Frameless glass balustrade to internal staircase

Frameless balustrade using a structural interlayer – SGP

Common Applications:

  • Internal & External Balustrades
  • Security Glass
  • Floors, Stairs, and Landing Panels
  • Facades
  • Zoo Enclosures and Aquariums
  • Overhead Glazing – Skylights or Canopies

SGP Interlayers:

  • Clear SGP
  • Translucent SGP


  • Can be used in external, exposed edge applications
  • Superior edge stability
  • Offers the highest level of structural performance


  • Due to limited colour availabilities, glass selections or ceramic print options may need to be factored for specific design requirements.
  • Depending on the application, engineering certification prior to glass order may be required.
  • More expensive to other laminates.

When using SGP as an interlayer for its structural properties it is best practice to obtain engineering certification. Talk to our friendly team if you require assistance with engineering certification.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

EVA interlayers are considered an alternate interlayer for safety glass. EVA is not as commonly used as PVB throughout Australia and offers different solutions. EVA interlayers are high in moisture resistance and can be used in both external and internal glazed applications when the edges are exposed. EVA adheres to glass and other materials better than PVB and is available in many colours making it the ultimate selection when design innovations are a requirement. EVA allows distinctive products such as fabrics, paper, decorative wire mesh, printed PET films and photovoltaic cells (solar panels) be combined in the glass build up.  EVA is combined in our ToughSwitch™ laminate with a PDLC film providing switchable privacy glass.

Switchable privacy glass used in an office boardroom

ToughSwitch™ switchable privacy glass – ON

Common Applications:

  • Switch Glass / Smart Glass (ToughSwitch™)
  • Decorative Laminated Glass
  • Solar Panels

EVA Interlayers:

  • Clear EVA
  • Tinted EVA
  • Coloured EVA

    Smart glass with PDLC film used in an office boardroom

    ToughSwitch™ switchable privacy glass – OFF


  • Can be used in external, exposed edge applications
  • Customisable- add materials in the build up


  • EVA does not have the same structural properties as the SGP interlayers.
  • EVA interlayer alone is a cost-effective option compared to others.
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