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Darwin is a fantastic place to live but it’s a harsh environment for glass. To handle the intense sunlight, UV radiation, monsoon rains and cyclones, Darwin glass needs to be strong, long-lasting and suitable for a variety of applications. With the Tough Glass range of custom laminated glass in Darwin, your clients can enjoy frameless balcony balustrades, get switchable smart glass, or use glass roofing to maximise the amount of natural light they receive. Whatever your clients need, Tough Glass has a product that will be the right fit.

Extra-strong structural glass

Using a special interlayer called SentryGlas, our ToughView custom laminated glass is stronger and stiffer than conventionally laminated options. That makes it stand out from other Darwin glass options when you need something minimally supported and it is a favourite option for exposed-edge applications – think of frameless glass balconies and glass stairs. The strength of the glass also makes it a great choice for architectural applications, and it is commonly used in facades and sloped glass roofing. And as one of the strongest forms of custom laminated glass in Darwin, it can also be used for secure environments such as zoo enclosures or government buildings.

Breaking up indoor spaces

If you have an inside area that needs to be partitioned, ToughGuard is the right glass for the job. It uses a PVB interlayer to add strength, sound insulation and solar protection to the glass. Commonly it is used to split indoor spaces to create boardrooms and meeting rooms, but it can also be used in shop windows. By using a Vanceva coloured interlayer, our ToughGuard glass gives you and your clients freedom to choose from a massive range of colours when you buy glass from us.

No need for blinds or curtains with Smart Glass

Ceiling to floor windows and facades should offer an unbroken, seamless view, but this is often held back by the need for curtains or blinds to control the amount of light that enters the room. Now, with just the flick of a switch, the glass will turn from transparent to translucent, keeping you cool and blocking out unwanted sunlight. This type of glass in Darwin is quickly becoming a favourite with those building modern luxury homes.

Stay safe in the harshest parts of Darwin’s weather

For the ultimate tough glass in Darwin, we recommend ToughStorm. Specifically designed to withstand the most dangerous weather the Northern Territory has to offer, ToughStorm has been tested against a 4kg timber mass travelling at 160km/h. Combined with a cyclonic framing system, your clients can rest assured that they will remain safe even in the midst of a cyclone.

Your top supplier for tough glass in Darwin

When you want the best custom laminated glass in Darwin, look no further than Tough Glass. We are Australia’s top glass manufacturer, and all products come with a warranty. Get in touch today or set up a trade account online to place an order.

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  • Thank you to you and your team for supplying the urgent mirror to us yesterday. Your service and quality is greatly appreciated.

    By providing this mirror, defect free and in such a short space of time, you have helped ensure another client gets their keys on time.

    Please pass my thanks and appreciation on to your team!

    J.Wakeling from GlassCo Metro
  • Great guys. Best service in WA. Put the so called competition to shame
    R.Walker from Diamond Glass
  • Great Service. Have not seen better service in the glass industry. Great business ethics as well. Whoever you are using as your glass supplier give these guys a shot.
    V.Shah from Granart Splashbacks
  • Always a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable staff that work with you to meet deadlines and requirements. Pricing competitive with other major suppliers.
    E.Taylor from Refined Exteriors
  • May I just say that your staff at Tough Glass are providing us with excellent service. We have never in all the years experienced such a service. I rang on Wednesday to request a couple of urgent panels for which we collected this morning. That truly is amazing!!

    Everybody should use Tough Glass and I would never use anyone else regardless of pricing like some do. I don’t think we have ever received a bad piece of glass from Tough Glass either. It’s a credit to you and your staff.

    J.Flanagan from WA Pool Fencing